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Sometimes in life, we get stuck. While being stuck can be such a vague phrase, we try to cover our most daunting issues with fancy terms used in whatever industry you work In whether or not it is creative.

If this is your first time coming across my work, my name is Krystle, and I am a content writer and CEO of Healing Intentions Natural.

I like to believe I am the Queen of Creative Blocks; if I am not suffering from writers’ block, I am blocked from creating new ideas for the business, and it is a vicious circle…

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Defining success and happiness.

Sharing is Caring has been instilled in us since birth, and I believe it is the first step to a happy and successful life.

Pre-pandemic, I noticed many people in the world were suffering, either mentally or physically. To me, people have always seemed to be lacking real pleasure in their lives.

Yes! Some people may appear happy, but something was still missing.

I find it ironic a global lockdown had to occur for people to start looking to themselves to find pleasure.

While adjusting to the new normal, I felt the answer but couldn’t put…

You’ll get a load of this.

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Screenshot from my iPhone

Medium recently came out with a beta update for its app in August, and during my daily scroll, I was asked if I wanted to test the beta version. Since I haven't had a writer's streak, I figured what the heck.

Soon after, I switched the tab on the layout on my phone changed.

If you haven't tried the beta app, it looks a little something like the following:

Actions speak louder than words

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Photo by cottonbro from Pexels

This is not a typical piece I would write, but I have to get this off my mind.

Me and my spouse recently had a fall out, hell we’re separating.

I chose to leave.

However, for some odd reason, during a conversation on what we think will happen he somehow came up with the words, “ I feel bad for you, that’s why I’m sad.”


The first time I heard him say it I thought, well we both decided this is best, so why don’t you feel bad for yourself?

Then he said it…

Free and Easy tools to incorporate into your everyday life for success.

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Photo by Anna Shvets from Pexels

Balancing work and life can be taxing. When you are out of balance, it can cause creative blocks, burnout, and make it hard to focus. You might find you have all the tools to prevent any of the above disadvantages, but they still find a way to occur in some areas of your life.

A Little History

As a writer and business owner, I recently experienced my first burn out and tried everything I could to break-through, and nothing worked. I had to reevaluate everything from my habits, way of thinking, and people.

After taking a project management course and doing some personal…

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Photo by 3Motional Studio from Pexels

“ Are you okay?” he whispered as he unlocked the handcuffs around my wrists.

The blindfolds were still on, and I imagined myself in the arms of my summer lover. Its July 2020, and we’ve been out of quarantine for almost a month. However, that didn’t mean anything because I haven’t seen my adulterous in a while.

Still, here I am, craving him with all 6 of my senses.

My husband began to pull off my blindfold, and before I opened my eyes, I begged God to forgive me one more time.

“ I’m elated,” I answered as I grabbed…

& Champagne Rosé

Quarantine is strange for us, primarily native Angelenos. Hell, my dog won’t stop barking.

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Photo by Anas Hinde from Pexels1

The weather is out of control, with some days being warm and others are chilly while our days are bright and sunny, with nights cold and empty.

There is little to no traffic on the road and very few planes in the sky.

It wasn’t until about a week ago when I saw a plane from my balcony while I was tending to my tea garden.

I realized how very few planes have been flying in and out of the city. I am…

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Photo by Austin Poon on Unsplash

Writing is a very therapeutic practice. It allows you to tap into your emotions and make rational decisions at the same time.

Similar to reading, it can help you escape reality.

Writing has its way of stroking your ego because you can make up the rules in the story you are creating. If you want to get the wheels of your readers’ minds” spinning, you can fib and reveal the truth at the end.

Writing is manipulating, a craft studied by the most influential people. It is a universal tool; everybody writes.

But Why Write When Nobody Reads?

We all have a story, and everyone deserves…

Inspiration in Quarantine

Two Passions Merged into One, Resulting in Three Lessons

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Photo Taken By Author

Since the mandatory self-isolation in early March took place, I found myself having a hard time writing content.

Akin to everyone else, I found myself stuck in the house, busy decorating and organizing my tea garden.

And whenever I would try to break free to write, I kept finding myself blocked. It’s as if my garden began to consume me.

Whenever I would try to sit down and write, I remembered to either plant or water something. If I wasn’t tending the garden, I was reading on how I can make it thrive. …

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What it Feels like To Make Your Last Credit Card Payment

My last credit card payment went in today, and I don’t believe I have enough words to explain this feeling.

I want to dance the night away.

I want to scream.

I’m grateful, and I trust myself.

Trust is huge for me

I feel lifted, I’m free.

Technically I’ve always been free, but this one is a little different because not only am I free enough to spend time with me and God, I’m also free to spend time away from credit card debt.

I feel as if I won something. I’m going to…

Krystle Mitchell

Writing about pleasure and overcoming obstacles in life, as well as studying to become a software engineer.

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