How Candles and Tea Uses Pleasure to Drive Love To Self

Pleasure is a wonderful sensation with many ways to define it and experience through the senses of humanity. From personal experience, I believe pleasure might be the last thing we have linked to the animal kingdom.

No matter what anyone says, we are all driven by Pleasure.

I find pleasure in using many objects. My favorite objects to use when experiencing pleasure are well-scented, soy-based candles and aromatizing, herbal, organically grown tea.

Scents are made for one of our five senses used by the nose. When you have a well-scented candle, it can either send a charge of nostalgia to your brain, create a new memory, or bring happiness from an unknown place within and possibly change your mood.

When scents are used in a candle, it produces a temporary pleasure through the nose and cycles up into our eyes, to watch it burn slowly and turn into smoke. It can be a very satisfying experience for your nose and eyes.

While the peaceful moment of sniffing and watching a candle burn relaxes you, another way to enhance the feeling is sipping on hot or iced, organically grown, tea.

Tea brings pleasure in lots of ways. The art of tea is a therapeutic experience. If you grow herbs on your own, it gives you a sense of satisfaction which allows you to pat yourself on the back.

Now whats not pleasurable about that?

Mixing flavors, and testing new ways to make a batch better than the last can keep you lost in the blend. Inhaling the aromatic mixture of various herbs, washed and dried only makes one feel closer to the earth.

The final task of tasting a blend that you curated yourself through your sight, touch, and sense of smell can have two effects: pleasant or unpleasant, and it all depends on the mood you have with yourself.

If you are not in a loving mood with yourself and you are trying to be, you can easily find fault in yourself even if there is nothing wrong.

Finding new ways to love yourself will never get old as long as pleasure is the focus. Paying attention to what sparks pleasure helps you reconnect with yourself and not lose touch with your identity.

Having a pleasure focused mentality is not only good for loving yourself, but it also helps in relationships with intimate lovers and friends.

Tell me what are some ways you ignite pleasure in your life in the comments, let us teach each other a thing or two.

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Originally published at on January 25, 2019.

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