Medium’s Beta-App Review After Testing for Two months

You’ll get a load of this.

Medium recently came out with a beta update for its app in August, and during my daily scroll, I was asked if I wanted to test the beta version. Since I haven't had a writer's streak, I figured what the heck.

Soon after, I switched the tab on the layout on my phone changed.

If you haven't tried the beta app, it looks a little something like the following:

Navigating the design

Once I scrolled the new layout, I began to click on a few tabs to feel how the new application worked.

Surprisingly the more I played with it, the more I liked it.

If you are wondering how the new layout differs from the old, I got you covered; the following is a screenshot non-beta version:

As you can see, the old layout had all of the widgets on the bottom menu. You can bookmark titles that pique your interest to read later, create a new story with ease, check your notifications, and view your account.

In my opinion, everything was all laid out for you.

While the beta layout is functional and just as easy as the older version, I still found it quite tricky to use during the first couple of testing weeks.

For instance, there is a new logo, and sometimes it was hard for me to find the app on my phone. The bottom menu only holds three widgets; home, notifications, and view your profile.

While the bottom menu is now sleek and minimal, I missed easily bookmarking a title while I was scrolling through my daily read.

Another new feature shows your followers and how many posts they have published since the last time you read their work.

I absolutely love that feature.

As a writer, it helps me see that many top writers don’t post as often as I perceived. This new information helped me go easy on myself.

The last upgraded feature I like is when you scroll down; you see what’s trending.

For example, I didn’t know Chrissy Teigen had a Medium account. While her latest post is heartbreaking, I am happy to have found some of her written work.

In Conclusion

I believe the beta app is more for readers than for writers.

All of the stories are in a beautiful layout that is pleasing to the eyes. As a reader, I enjoy how simple it is to find a quick article to read.

However, I do think Medium should put the bookmark tab back on the bottom menu. Four widgets won’t hurt the design.

Last but not least, from a writer's perspective, the older layout is better.

I wasn’t able to create a new story with the beta-version. With that said, I do not prefer it, and Medium should leave things the way they are.

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