& Champagne Rosé

Quarantine is strange for us, primarily native Angelenos. Hell, my dog won’t stop barking.

Photo by Anas Hinde from Pexels1

The weather is out of control, with some days being warm and others are chilly while our days are bright and sunny, with nights cold and empty.

There is little to no traffic on the road and very few planes in the sky.

It wasn’t until about a week ago when I saw a plane from my balcony while I was tending to my tea garden.

I realized how very few planes have been flying in and out of the city. I am not surprised because I know there is less travel due to the quarantine, but I was shocked when I did see one.

Planes made me relax. Something about them always made me feel grounded or connected to the moment.

Before seeing the very few planes, I feel scattered and all over the place. Since I am working from home every day now, I feel overworked.

Seeing that plane in the sky while sipping champagne rosé from my balcony, seemed to put everything back in place.

Los Angeles is a lively city. Yes, there is the beach, and we’re known to be laid back and dreamy, we are still continuously doing something even when it is nothing at all.

Hell, why do you think so many of us meditate?

The sight of planes is easy on our eyes, we see them in traffic, or while we are lying on the beach. Airplanes have a way of helping us imagine an escape to a faraway place away from the city.

Not seeing planes, I would have to say, has been quite depressing.

Never would I have thought, I missed seeing planes.

Now that I am sitting here sipping on my champagne, Rosé, all I wish is for another plane to help me feel safe in this space.

Writing about pleasure and overcoming obstacles in life, as well as studying to become a software engineer.

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